A platform for sharing
knowledge & digital assets across
the globe via Vodafone RIO.

Vodafone RIO platform gives staff a web-based sharing centre,
which allows them to find and share report documents with
and from many different suppliers

We were brought in to bring focus to their working system; to improve the design, user experience, speed and security

We created a more up-to-date, secured platform with an improved look and feel and a faster search response. This allowed them to work stronger.

Business outcomes

  • Search engine replacement with a new more  powerful solution
  • New design appliance
  • Security improved: anti-forgery validation added
  • Ability to upload external content to the system
  • Ability to upload related content when uploading a report
  • Files versioning mechanism to allow storing all the version of the files
  • Statistics module review and improvements, ability to export reports to file
  • All sections minor improvements to achieve better usability

Delivering ROI for clients worldwide