A new standard in field data collection & reporting

A powerful and secure solution for collecting and managing your company’s field-based data and assets.

eviFile is an enterprise level application, used to record and manage field assets, track inspection routes and provide evidence and proof of events happening in the field.

eviFile is accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices and can be integrated with your systems and processes.

Most software is designed by companies who understand technology, but don’t really understand field operations. eviFile reflects our extensive field experience developing solutions for the people that will actually use it.

eviFile adheres to the principles laid out by the Home Office in the ACPO guidelines, referencing Digital Forensic Inspection and the levels of authenticity required for capturing data for submission as evidence in legal disputes.


Examples of where eviFile is currently making an impact:

Construction site risk assessment & quality assurance inspections

Health & Safety inspections.

Inventory assessment of installed assets.

Monitoring & planning of workflow for efficient deployment of skilled field resources.

Scheduling & reporting of planned maintenance.

Generate customer quotes & invoice documentation.

Security inspection routes & logs.

eviFile in action

Operational online or offline, each data entry is; date, time & location stamped, providing absolute proof of an event.


Field Operatives use eviFile to identify inspection tasks


Administrators use eviFile to schedule assignments to the most appropriate resource to achieve compliance

locate & fix

Field Operatives use eviFile to locate the assigned task in the field, report task status or log evidence of task completion


Administrators use eviFile inspect the status of compliance remotely


Management use eviFile data to approve tasks, review compliance and make data driven decisions


Field Operatives use eviFile to identify inspection tasks

Core characteristics

easy to use

Simple and Intuitive interface design and step by step processes ensure widespread adoption is easily achievable.

device compatible

eviFile is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop devices. It is also accessible on or offline.


eeviFile ensures all data is consistently recorded for easier review and reporting.


eviFlle can easily integrate with your companies existing systems, workflows & processes.

geo location

eviFile records events with pin-point accuracy. Locations are mapped using Google maps technology.


eviTrack functionality provides an visual snail-trail of event activity and routes.


Reports from eviFile can be generated in CSV or pdf formats, allowing for instant data-driven decisions on projects.

leading edge, scalable tech

eviFile is robust, scalable and built to last using the latest technologies.

Benefits of eviFile

standardised process

Using a consistent data format and platform improves communication and efficiency within your business.

swift resource deployment

Photographic based reporting makes it easier to assign the right skills to complete tasks.

workflow planning

Managers can prioritise tasks for the most efficient workflow and deployment of employees and contractors.

quicker response times

Improved data, allowing for speedier completion of tasks with remote approval.

transparent communication

A consistent process helps to avoid duplications, omissions, mistakes and oversights.

easier dispute resolution

Secure, encrypted data archives provide evidence of task completion for the resolution of disputes and queries.

remote compliance inspection

Completion of tasks can be reviewed remotely using geo-located photographic evidence.

forensic digital evidence

eviFile adheres to the principles laid out in the ACPO guidelines referencing Digital Forensic Inspections.

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