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5 Tech risks Published: 11 August 2021 Five risks when investing in tech consultancy

We understand how transformative engaging with a specialist tech consultancy can be, so here are our top factors to consider when making your choice.

Top Tech Business-Denis Koloshko_CTO in a post-covid world_IDS Blog Published: 9 August 2021 IT cost-cutting mistakes to avoid

With technology as the saving grace during the pandemic, the importance of cybersecurity and technology as business-critical investments must remain according to our CTO Denis Koloshko in his chat with Top Business Tech.

Rita Lutikova - Head of Programme Management - IDS Group Published: 5 August 2021 Meet the team with…Head of Programme Management, Rita Lutikova

With a passion for travel and continual learning our Head of Programme Management, Rita Lutikova is highly motivated by taking real business problems and finding elegant solutions.

Top Tech Business-Denis Koloshko_CTO in a post-covid world_IDS Blog Published: 3 August 2021 Top challenges facing CTOs in a post-covid world

Our CTO Denis Koloshko spoke to Top Business Tech, exploring the evolving role of the CTO post-covid, including the urgent need for their unique expertise, making their technical role become more in-demand than ever before.

White paper for high growth businesses by Engine Room and IDS Group Published: 15 July 2021 IDS Group interviewed for ‘high growth’ white paper

Discussing the importance and impact of a strong brand strategy on improving market share, customer satisfaction and more, our CEO Nick Halliday contributes to The Engine Room’s recent Business Growth focused White Paper

Cybersecurity-shouldnt-be-the-only-concern-for-CEOs-during-Covid-19_IDS-Group_Iakovos-Triantafyllou Published: 8 July 2021 Cybersecurity shouldn’t be the only concern for CEOs during Covid-19

During such economic uncertainty – which has seen organisations swiftly shifting to new ways of working – it comes as no surprise that business leaders are still battling against an array of challenges and opportunities the pandemic has presented.

Mikhail Shyshia Head of Software Development IDS Group Published: 6 July 2021 Meet the team with… our Head of Software Development Mikhail Shyshla

Our next member of the team in our Q&A series is Head of Software Development, Mikhail Shyshla. He loves to create new things and prides himself on his ability to manage the full development process lifecycle for our clients.

Published: 1 July 2021 New Leeds tech map launched – featuring IDS!

People familiar with the tech scene in the North of England – if not the whole of the UK – will be all too aware that, in Leeds, there is a local economy rich with skills and innovation.

Yorkshire Post article Published: 14 June 2021 Re-ignited childhood passion culminates in gruelling cycling challenge

When the world was forced to otherwise grind to a halt our Client Services Director Martin improved his physical and mental wellbeing through the cycling community he found on Zwift.

Published: 9 June 2021 Meet the team with… CTO Denis Koloshko

Next up in our employee spotlight is IDS Group’s CTO Denis Koloshko. An expert penetration tester, our highly-qualified security consultant has been with IDS since the very beginning. It’s no wonder he’s our ‘go to’ resource for the most technically demanding tasks…