How we helped Events Internet work stronger through creating a unique event broadcasting platform.

By creating an efficient platform for users to virtually attend key events and conferences online, Events Internet now has the systems and support to go to the market in the strongest possible way, both nationally and internationally.

An innovative online platform for hosting interactive streaming in real time. Video on demand will be curated and archived for everyone to view for future reference.

The creation of an efficient web-based solution for desktop and mobile. This allowed event attendees to work stronger, with online event sign up and location-based search functionality.

Business outcomes

  • Responsive interface for cross platform use
  • Powerful search engine for events all over the world
  • On-demand and live-streaming technology
  • Simple registration process for attendees and event owners
  • Payment gateway integration for accessing premium events
  • Event calendar
  • Reminders, alerts and notification system

A quick glance at events internet

Delivering ROI for clients worldwide