How we helped bespoke mapping and street view platforms work stronger in Africa

MoRiWo provides an enhanced geo-mapping experience with real street views from ground sourced images. Within this, social, real estate and advertising platforms are integrated for a more vibrant user experience.

An online application, giving a street view map and social media interaction for African countries, piloting with Nigeria.

Anyone searching for a location on their desktop or mobile device was suddenly offered this fully focused option. Now, local businesses, property agents and advertisers could all work stronger by promoting their services within the portal.

Business outcomes

  • User-friendly web-app accessible on desktop, tablet & mobile devices
  • An interactive 360 degree street view map
  • Street view map integrated with overhead 2D map
  • Social sharing location tools
  • Customisable guided tours
  • Search engine optimised
  • Separate admin suite
  • Business user area for point of interest / real estate population
  • Real estate widget & ecommerce widget for third party websites
  • Notification and alerts mechanism
  • Points of interest populated on a map

A quick glance at MoRiWo


Intuitive and simple point of interest search


2D map interface


Street view interface with location sharing functionality

Delivering ROI for clients worldwide