How we helped Wells Fargo work stronger

Knowledge Center is the internal knowledge base for Wells Fargo staff. It covers a wide range of analytical reports and updates on subjects such as marketing, research and finance.

We were drafted in to bring focus to the existing system. This involved adding new features, enhancing functionality and improving user experience

The new features and improvements brought focus and subsequently allowed Wells Fargo to work stronger.

Business outcomes

  • Research subscriptions module has been introduced for delivering customized updates to Knowledge Center users.
  • Website structure and design have been updated
  • Search functionality has been strengthened with the help of keywords, tags, tag cloud, refinement and sort options
  • Public portal for clients with step-by-step wizard for policy creation
  • Additional options for managing the content of the system have | been delivered for admin users.
  • Auto import from two vendors has been set up, allowing the system to be automatically updated with fresh reports and newsletters every week

A quick glance at the knowledge center


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