AI powered healthtech

Revolutionising digital healthcare

The AI-powered vital signs app for any smartphone

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The project at-a-glance

  • Detects patients’ four vital signs using only a smartphone
  • App now clinically proven with 90% accuracy
  • Beta-testing underway with additional health metrics including blood pressure
  • Addresses globally mounting healthcare pressures
  • Leverages demand for greater digital health empowerment

The requirement

When the revolutionary benefits of instant video solution Gaze became clear to SaaS entrepreneur Tim Mercer, his passion for innovation and long-standing relationship with IDS acted as the catalysts for a new healthtech project.

The vision was an app that could utilise artificial intelligence to interpret a number of automatic nervous system measures and detect a patient’s four vital signs:

  • oxygen saturation
  • respiration rate
  • heart rate
  • heart rate variability (HRV)

All of this, using only their smartphone.

With a globally ageing population, healthcare pressures are mounting on a truly worldwide scale – not least because a shortfall of 15 million doctors and nurses is being predicted by 2030.

Digital health apps have been cited as one of the most important tools available to help tackle increasingly stretched, inefficient and under-resourced health institutions, yet 85% are said to not meet minimum safety standards. Given 45.04% of the global population owns a smartphone – including a reported 58.71 million people in the UK – the lack of true disruption within this space is staggering.

The most exciting thing about MyVitals though, is that the use cases are varied – if not limitless. We’ve been overwhelmed by interested parties in sectors ranging from insurance to corporate wellness, and driving safety to sports and fitness, to name just a few

Nick Halliday
Founder, MyVitals

Our solution

Technologists from throughout our entire business have all played some part in taking Tim Mercer’s idea from concept to reality.

Our nearshore software developers, UX specialists, highly certified security professionals, systems integrations experts, business analysts and marketers have worked in close collaboration, and the result is the engaging, easy to use and clinically accurate AI-powered digital healthcare app – MyVitals.

In fact, our team has become such an invested resource throughout this technology accelerator programme – not least because of our expertise and contacts within the healthcare environment – that IDS CEO Nick Halliday has been appointed as co-founder of the business.

The results

MyVitals applies a next-generation combination of signal processing and AI-powered technologies, combined with a proprietary mathematical back end, to analyse a video taken from the upper cheek region of the face.

Utilising only the camera of any smartphone to pick up a remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) signal, the app can detect, extract and analyse the user’s vital signs in less than two minutes – sometimes in as little as 10 seconds – with medical-grade accuracy.

By applying motion compensation and illumination normalisation – coupled with an interface designed for utmost ease of use – MyVitals can be utilised by individuals of any age, gender, ethnicity and technical ability, for maximum accessibility. The technology also runs on the smartphone itself and does not require an internet connection.

Easy to use Detects patients’ four vital signs using only a smartphone
90% accuracy App now clinically proven
Blood pressure Beta-testing underway with additional health metrics