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Five risks when investing in tech consultancy

We understand how transformative engaging with a specialist tech consultancy can be, so here are our top factors to consider when making your choice.

Wherever a business is on its journey, it’s likely that there are hopes and dreams which are still to be accomplished. For most, whether directly or indirectly, tech plays a big part in the pursuit of those goals. However, between juggling the many roles and responsibilities of a modern-day leader, IT provision may prove one headache too far. 

As a result, many organisations find themselves pondering over the idea of employing a specialist tech consultancy to take the lead on this important aspect. And for the majority, this is a wise investment. In fact, the option to buy in this specialist support and expertise can prove transformative – especially for those who lack either the time or the skills to spend in this area.

But as our design and marketing lead, Kat Plant, explains — there are some important factors to consider if companies are to allocate their budgets wisely: 

1. System security 

Always select a tech agency with proven experience in cyber security. If your chosen partner doesn’t have these skillsets within the team or the accreditations to support good practice, you are putting your business at risk of potentially crippling system breaches. 

Cyber-crime is on the rise with the perpetrators finding increasingly sophisticated ways to infiltrate the systems of even the most high-profile and IT-savvy brands. As a result, it is vital that your chosen tech consultant is fluent in all security standards if you are to ensure your solutions remain robust and able to offer the very highest levels of protection.

2. Scalability and future development 

A product that is fit for purpose today but that isn’t scalable in its architecture lacks in long-term thought and consideration. Your software should be able to scale up and needs to have been developed using processes that not only allow, but also encourage, growth and advancement. 

avoiding risks with a technical partner

Finding a consultancy where conversations consider what the future product roadmap may
look like, including business growth, demands on technology and which allow your product to evolve and pivot to meet user and economic challenges, is essential. 

3. Pick a partner that believes in your venture

If your tech consultancy doesn’t truly buy into your ambition, then you risk not having their full support. Yes, you would be a client and a priority for the duration of the project — but if there is no desire to take that partnership forward, you may find that there is a lack of vision as to where the longer-term journey might take both businesses. 

Building a strong relationship rich in communication and transparency from the start will always be beneficial, both helping to support an efficient process and the growth of a healthy and trusting partnership moving forward.

4. Over promising and under delivering

Being wowed with jargon and over complicated documentation can be misleading and result in a consultancy not delivering what you expected.

Ensuring you are clear on all elements of the deliverables, timescales and expectations is vital if the planning and execution of your roadmap is to be a success. Don’t be afraid to ask those vital questions. And if in doubt, always dig a little deeper.

5. Lack of communication 

While being proactive is wonderful, a consultancy which takes the brief and delivers something with very little of your input can leave you feeling under confident and undervalued. You also run the risk of future costs if the product delivered isn’t as expected, along with frictions within the relationship. 

Ongoing communication and a quality project manager are worth their weight in gold when it comes to keeping a project on track, and also to avoid any costly mistakes or misunderstandings down the line.

At IDS we have the have the skills and experience to advise on a range of technology requirements, including software development and systems integration, for businesses large and small. To find out if we’re the right partner for you, check out the success stories on our website, call a member of the team on 0113 859 1669 or email:

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