Altiar. An efficient and powerful way to focus content

Altiar is an efficient and powerful way to gather, focus and distribute content. It lets users find exactly the information they need, when they need it – without needing to know who owns it.

Altiar lets you work stronger. It has everything your organisation needs for a sustainable knowledge management offering.

This web-based application has been developed by our team of developers and designers. Focus throughout is key. All major web browsers are supported including mobile and tablet devices. It is also fully customised so that it can be configured to work with a huge range of set ups.

Stringent security measures are built into the platform to make sure the integrity of your data is never compromised. We carry out regular vulnerability scans in response to security advisories. To make things even easier, a technical guide, security and compliance RFI response are also available.

Helpful, friendly service and comprehensive support is never far away. If there are issues, we react and resolve quickly. There’s also a development roadmap which is available to all users, 24/7.

Altiar is all about flexibility. Our primary hosting uses the Microsoft Azure platform, which enables us to offer excellent prices whilst delivering single tenanted deployments of Altiar. Azure offers a 99.95% availability SLA, 24/7 tech support, round-the-clock health monitoring, and enterprise-grade storage with enhanced security and governance. We’ll even install it on your premises, should you need us to.

Flexible Setup
Utilizing a combination of folders, fields and tags, Altiar transforms a basic folder setup into a streamlined matrix structure, allowing for fast, powerful and effective searches in a manner that feels familiar to your users.

Intelligent Search
Simply enter a search term and Altiar will do the rest. By analyzing the entirety of an item’s metadata and content, weighted results are rapidly returned based on what the document actually contains and not just the name of the file.

File Management
Get content on to your system quickly and securely through a simple, easy to use, interface. Altiar supports multiple side-by-side tagging and uploads of all media types including images, video, audio and notes.

Customisable Design
Transform Altiar into an on-brand facet of your organization’s digital platform with our powerful customization toolkit. Simply assign your colours and logo for a quick solution or dive right into the very design elements of Altiar itself to meet exact branding requirements.

Enhanced Security
Extensive security measures are implemented within Altiar to protect the integrity of your data. The core application is built in accordance with the latest standards and established security practices are maintained throughout.

Powerful Administration
The Altiar control panel is designed to be simple to use but incredibly deep reaching. There are no barriers to getting started and user friendly controls mean technical knowledge is not a pre-requisite.


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What’s already being said about Altiar?

We truly value the input and assistance from Altiar, from the initial concept right through to the final stages and the ultimate launch of our Insight Portal.

Peter Arnold, Senior Insight Manager,
MBNA / Bank of America

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