The Lancaster Model for NHS health providers

An easy to use web-based application that helps deliver evidence-based interventions,
to help develop stronger and healthier children and families.

This highly innovative, sophisticated web-based app enables the online delivery of The Lancaster Model (TLM). This guides, supports and strives to build stronger, more focused school nursing systems.

In recent years, TLM has evolved to reflect and support changing health care needs. There are two key elements:

  • A sustainable Health Needs Assessment process. This provides a cyclical approach of staged contacts to pinpoint the needs of young people and their families.
  • A skill mix strategy which builds upon the skills of the existing workforce, whilst developing and directing the future workforce.

What TLM achieves so brilliantly is in delivering the sustainable health needs assessment elements. It does this proficiently and just as importantly – economically.

TLM ensures that all young people and their families receive a health and development review at set life stages, without having to have a face to face meeting with a professional.

check-listTLM enables Healthcare providers to deliver a range of specific policy requirements by:

  • Evidencing Need
  • Reducing Inequalities
  • Increasing Efficiency
  • Ensuring Effectiveness
  • Improving Productivity
  • Raising Quality
  • Providing Value for Money
  • Supplying Measureable Outcomes

A quick glance at the TLM portal


Organise, Automate and Simplify the delivery of your Healthy Child Programme


Search and Filter features quicker access, increases efficiencies


The questionnaires immediately get analysed and are securely and safely stored onto the system

What’s already being said about The Lancaster Model?

The innovative ‘TLM’ portal – an digital version of the Lancaster Model – will transform the way Buckinghamshire schools, in partnership with the school nursing service, assess and respond to children’s health needs.

We are so excited to be the ‘pioneers’ for rolling out this new approach to the way we collect and use information to support children’s development from reception right through to their teenage years.

Rosan Rowland, Head of Children and Young People’s Services, Buckinghamshire NHS Trust

It is the combination of TLM coupled with the Compass’ approach to service delivery and partnerships that has transformed the way in which universal child health services can be delivered.

TLM has provided us with the evidence of actual need (as opposed to perceived need) which allow us to direct our resources (staff) and deliver targeted interventions by working collaboratively

Rachel Bundock, Children and Young People’s Director for Compass

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