Your digital journey begins with ZiMovi. Build and launch in minutes.

Imagine being able to manage all your existing video content, wherever it’s being hosted anywhere in the world, using just one central dashboard? ZiMovi makes that idea a reality and allows users to seamlessly distribute content via social media, email and SMS.

ZiMovi innovation

Pretty & smart

Users are able to manage all their existing video content wherever it may currently being hosted, using just one central dashboard & being able to see instantly ‘where, when, how’ every viewing is taking place – globally!

ZiMovi enables users to seamlessly distribute content via all ‘social media’, email & SMS plus embed in existing web sites – seeing ‘live’ which is working best.

Anytime & Anywhere

Channel, Community, Own Sites, Social Networks, Youtube, and even privately.

Using the ZiMovi Video Studio, content can be monetised & previously produced revitalise by overlaying multiple ‘calls to action’ to purchase, contact or just find out more, even inserting other revenue generating videos before, during or after.

Platform overview


Add your videos

It’s super easy to add your video content to ZiMovi. You can add a YouTube or Vimeo video with just two clicks.


Share your videos

Share your videos via your preferred social networks or directly to your users with email, SMS or QR code.


Interact with your viewers

Add dynamic “call to action” elements in a number of formats. Whether you want to add “Click here” as a button, or “Find out more” as an animated banner, ZiMovi enables you to do this and more.


Synchronise your videos

Use video clips as teasers to encourage viewers to click through to the full content on your ZiMovi channel, where you can capture their data and track their behaviour.


Insight & intelligence

Learn about content performance and viewer behaviour with detailed analytics based on live data.


Channel & community

Set up your channel just the way you want, without any unnecessary noise or ads.



Track the geo-locations of your viewers whether they are watching your ZiMovi channel or using an embedded player on another site.


ZiMovi on the move

ZiMovi enables your viewers to watch videos wherever and whenever on their favourite mobile devices.


The next steps…