Penetration Testing

The world of cybercrime is advancing at pace, which presents an ever-growing range of threats for every organisation irrespective of size, location, industry, budget or resource.

That’s why penetration testing – or pen testing – has grown to become one of the most popular system security services offered by our highly accredited engineers.

Our goal is to make your technologies work more efficiently. So, if your systems, technologies, networks or applications have any underlying security weaknesses, these are vulnerabilities an attacker could exploit.

Our certified ethical hackers are rigorous, challenging and passionate about what they do. Using only white hat penetration testing techniques, we’ll typically:

  • Gather information about the target
  • Locate possible entry points
  • Attempt to gain access
  • Test the disaster recovery strategy
  • Collate our findings on all identified weaknesses
  • Devise a proposed security roadmap
  • Work with IT leaders to implement our recommendations and eradicate current vulnerabilities.

We’ll also put your security policies, compliance regimes and colleague practices to the test, as security incidents can stem from far more than a technology-based weakness.

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I think the time will come when penetration testing is not just deemed important by large enterprise firms, or businesses with extremely sensitive applications. It will also grow to become a highly sought-after service in smaller, younger yet savvy organisations keen to protect their data, infrastructures and livelihoods.

We’re certainly seeing projects of varying sizes come into our team. It’s a cost-effective service after all, and certainly far more affordable than the expense associated with a security breach.”

Iakovos Triantafyllou
System Security Architect

Keeping your systems secure

Our people are as passionate as they are proficient, so when it comes to designing, building and integrating high performance systems, our vastly accredited nearshore developers are keen to put their security certifications to good use!

That’s why robust security frameworks are embedded into all of our projects – for the highest level of assurances – and we offer a range of dedicated systems security services for both new and existing clients.