Performance tuning analysis

We provide expert performance tuning consultation that is oriented at systems from web sites and mobile applications through to large enterprise platforms.


Performance tuning is the improvement
of system performance.

Because of increasing system load (amount of users, documents, media, etc)
most systems will respond by decreasing performance.

It may cause problems with the speed and responsiveness of the system and a result will lead to user dissatisfaction. Performance tuning is the way to avoid such problems. The performance bottlenecks can be located on any level of the system (Data Layer, Business Logic Code, Presentation Layer, Search or Indexing logic) and performance tuning can be performed on any of these levels.

Our work consists of 2 parts:

1. Analysis of the current system performance

This phase includes the identification of bottlenecks in your system, their prioritisation and recommendations.

  • analysis of architecture
  • code analysis
  • code profiling
  • stress testing
  • performance counters set up.

2. Improvement of the system performance

This phase includes the work according to the plan received from the first phase, the correction of weaknesses, code improvements, and comparing metrics before and after performance.

The result of the performance tuning service is:

  1. Optimised code
  2. The report about the work carried out, revealing what work has been done, what bottlenecks are optimized, how much the performance was improved as well as recommendations for further work

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