We are a UK-owned agile software development and systems integration specialist

We’re proud of our established cross functional team, across the UK, Europe and USA. Our advanced engineers, architects and BAs are fluent across a range of software, web and mobile technologies, and hold a raft of accreditations which demonstrate that systems security and quality assurance lies within our DNA.

But in an increasingly crowded space, with few geographical boundaries, even the most agile technology companies need to stand out…

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What makes us different?

We know that technology – when engineered correctly – propels organisations on an efficient and sustainable high-growth trajectory.

We’re also aware that many factors – including unnecessarily complex code, non-evidenced briefs, poor outsourcing strategies, developers’ own aspirations and limited budgets – can prevent solutions from ever becoming truly scalable SaaS products.

But it needn’t be this difficult. Not if you have a well-scoped software proposition backed by technically brilliant people, genuinely passionate about getting the best from technology. In fact, source the right software security, architecture, design and delivery experts – which we have, from all corners of the globe and across a range of disciplines – and the answer is wonderfully simple.

In 2013, IDS was borne out of a mission to prove this. And we’re now trusted by start-ups during the earliest phases of technical discovery, through to blue chip brands who need bespoke integration support to complement in-house resource.

Meet the team

Our growth aspirations don’t centre around client numbers. We want to keep our capacity high and our senior skill-sets progressive, without ever having to invest in below-par resource that puts our reputation at risk

Nick Halliday, CEO

What motivates us is the chance to solve a complex technical brief that is holding a client back, or the opportunity bring to life a software proposition with real purpose – and all of this with competitive rates that constantly surprise our customers. This is what keeps us energised about our work, while ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry in terms of technical capabilities

Rita Lutikova, Head of Programme Management

So many businesses nowadays talk about being value-driven, but few actually live and breathe that proposition on a daily basis. What I love about our team is the authentic consistency you hear when you speak to any colleague. They have a genuine sense of pride in working for IDS and an unswerving responsibility to add value when they take on a customer’s project

Martin Pownall, Client Services Director

Our European visionary ‘flair’, blended with the UK’s respect for both process-driven and people-focused communications, results in a distinct company culture that enriches client relationships – not to mention future-proofed technologies

Kseniya Papova, Operations Director

Our Values

IDS is a highly principled, ego-less business, committed to doing the job properly. 

From day one, this was identified as core to building a reliable, sustainable organisation that contributes to the quality of life for employees in the UK, Europe and USA

Our people are as passionate as they are proficient, and when colleagues join our steadily growing team, they stay.

We’re conscientious decision-makers – when it comes to our own company and also our customers’ – which sees exciting new technology brands rely on us for go-to-market advice, investment and expert tech knowledge.

Likewise, we’re boldly protective of our reputation as industry-leading – we’re “not another technical consultancy” – which means some of the UK’s/world’s largest brands trust in our enterprise-level abilities too.

Our accreditations

At IDS, standards matter. That’s why we have a large portfolio of accreditations – held by both the company and our team of progressive individuals – which independently certify what we’re capable of, together.