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Enterprise Software

We’re often approached by the teams behind well-known brands, established technologies and large VC-backed products. Keen for our independent technical input, these organisations don’t just benefit from an ‘external pair of eyes’ but dozens of advanced software design, development and security skill sets, from some of the brightest minds in the UK, Europe and USA.

So, whether your resource is stretched, or you require a fresh perspective, think of us as a trusted extension of your business.

Technical support for enterprise brands

Whether you need us to undertake a one-off consultancy project or become your ‘go to’ technical partner, our role when working with enterprise brands varies from an agile software development team to boost internal capacity, to senior security advisor to combat data leakage – and everything in between. 

For example, we’ve:

  • Revolutionised healthcare assessments via a highly secure web-based portal for the NHS.
  • Delivered a vast analytics system to enhance financial reporting and re-engineering, for Nationwide.
  • Audited Wells Fargo’s digital document management tool to improve UX and engagement.
  • Driven architecture, security and capability innovation for the VCode product.

And so much more.

Enterprise success stories

We’ve delivered ROI for clients globally, having worked on business-critical projects for some of the world’s most well-known household brands

Core software technologies

Our product designers and software developers are experts in the most demanding programming languages, allowing for both technical innovation and efficient project outcomes.

In fact, when it comes to summarising our skill sets across our core web and mobile applications, frameworks, web services, desktop apps, search engines, data storage solutions, security systems and software products, the list is pretty extensive.

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Meet us

We’re as passionate as we are proficient, and the hunger to problem solve – whatever the challenge complexity – is why we’re trusted by so many impressive enterprise brands.

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Conscientious, compliant and courageous

At IDS, standards matter. That’s why we have a large portfolio of certifications and accreditations – held by both the company and our team of progressive individuals – which independently certify what we’re capable of, together.