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The project at-a-glance

  • ser-friendly web-app accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • An interactive 360-degree street view map
  • Street view map integrated with overhead 2D map
  • Social sharing location tools
  • Customisable guided tours
  • Search engine optimised

The requirement

With Lagos being one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, the constantly changing environment presents real challenges when trying to navigate its streets.

Traditional maps quickly become outdated, and often miss key visual landmarks, making it difficult to find businesses and places of interest.

MoRiWo set out to revolutionise the way that Africans and visitors explored the major cities — acting as a utility service to assist users to traverse their way around Lagos, as an initial pilot.


Our solution

Working closely with tourism team to bring the intricate project to completion, the IDS team set to work on recreating the Lagos landscape using the latest GPS and 3D street view technology. Bringing together experts in numerous technologies ,our collaboration resulted in the successful launch of a user-friendly and trusted source of authentic street view maps.

The results

Users can access the desktop and mobile app to view and explore Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, in street view with an integrated overhead 2D map. Additional social media location sharing tools can be unlocked by registering online, with users also having the ability to create customisable guided tours.

A separate admin suite offers businesses the facility to update their real estate, with additional options for linking to third party websites.

Traditional points of interest are also populated on the map, providing an all-round experience of the city for business and leisure visitors alike.

Personalised notification and alerts can be set-up using the app’s administrative suite, allowing for a fully immersive and interactive user experience.