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In truth, the more complex, the better…

We’ve been trusted to deliver projects with virtually no budget, Series A and B funded software development briefs with steep growth targets, complex enterprise systems, mission critical platforms, and more.

And these assignments have seen us work in global sectors spanning construction, finance, insurance, healthcare, education, leisure and tech, to name just a few.

We don’t tell you this to blow our own trumpet. What this rundown hopefully evidences, however, is that the stakes are usually high. But we eagerly take on these projects because we truly believe our agile software development engineers – based in the UK and Europe – are the best in the business.

We also employ our own in-house business analysts, content strategists, technical and information architects, designers, UI and UX specialists and project managers. These are important stakeholders when striving to deliver a futureproofed scheme of software development work, yet the minds, ideas and vision of these people are often overlooked, particularly when resources are stretched.

That’s why we offer a range of engagement models, to reflect your objectives and budget, but cost-effectiveness and ROI always remain in sharp focus.

Our core technology toolkit

It’s not a particular technology that matters to us – it’s our ability to apply it and integrate it with other systems and processes, to obtain the best ROI for our clients.

That’s why we’ve recruited agile software development specialists well versed in various development techniques. We have Microsoft Certified Professionals with deep knowledge of working with numerous Microsoft Products including Windows Server, .NET, Sql Server, ASP.NET, WPF, WWF, WCF, Silverlight, Azure Services and SharePoint, for example. But the list goes on…