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What’s possible with IDS?

When integrating applications for data purposes, clients’ objectives often centre around the efficiencies associated with collating, processing and triangulating the meaning of the metrics concerned.

For example, we built a large enterprise integration platform in the banking industry, capable of collecting data from different branches as well as other report sources. This analytics system then processes thousands of lines of information and generates the final aggregated financial report every year. This has reduced report preparation time by 25% and improved the client’s validation procedures.

We also migrated five years of client data into a new environment and conducted significant data structure optimisation, which has resulted in a 10-fold increase in system performance.

"This type of system performance brief is our ‘bread and butter’, but our highly accredited engineers do all of this while ensuring data security never falls off the agenda. That’s why we use a combination of technical measures to deliver the highest level of data protection on all projects, particularly when sensitive details are involved"

Mikhail Shyshla
Head of Software Development

What’s your systems integration brief?

We offer a range of application and data integration services to provide our clients with the systems visibility and performance they need. Our expertise includes:

Payment gateway integration
90% of the web systems we build require integration with payment systems, such as PayPal, Worldpay, Sage Pay, Stripe and many others.

Accounting software integration
One of our biggest projects to date – the delivery of a multi-channel insurance broker system – required integration with the client’s accounting software, to enable data sharing between the two systems in real time. Our highly accredited engineers devised a secure transaction mechanism to consolidate varied data streams via an application-to-application integration.

Geolocation services integration
IDS felt privileged to be awarded the project to develop an online platform that enables route guidance on all the streets of chosen cities, while allowing users to enjoy 360-degree street views as they appear in real life. As a result, we successfully established an integration with Open Street Maps and processed more than 80,000 panoramic images.

Social media networks integration
Keen to strengthen their communication strategies and enhance their marketing efforts, a number of clients approach IDS asking us to integrate their social media channels into their websites – a service we believe will only rise in popularity as customers increasingly search for user-generated content. We can integrate platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more, into your own digital domain. We’ve also successfully integrated many of our web systems with an SMS platforms, to allow our clients to regularly and efficiently communicate with their employees and customers.

Our core technology toolkit

It’s not a particular technology that matters to us – it’s our ability to apply it and integrate it with other systems and processes, to obtain the best ROI for our clients.

That’s why we’ve recruited agile software development specialists well versed in various development techniques. We have Microsoft Certified Professionals with deep knowledge of working with numerous Microsoft Products including Windows Server, .NET, Sql Server, ASP.NET, WPF, WWF, WCF, Silverlight, Azure Services and SharePoint, for example.

But the list goes on…