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Decision-critical expertise

While the due diligence phase of an acquisition or investment is notoriously complex and time consuming, effort and resource spent specifically on technical due diligence varies significantly from project to project.

But at IDS, we only know thorough. This doesn’t mean that we delve into unnecessary detail or provide an overly expensive service – just that we will have evaluated all factors we know are likely to impact on the investment risk.

For example, our independently certified software experts will explore:

  • The product’s scale potential
  • Technical weaknesses and strategies to minimise architectural flaws
  • Security vulnerabilities including remedial recommendations
  • Wider business risks including marketplace threats and competitor technologies

And so much more.

Our aim is to return a comprehensive technical report which will guide informed decision making and the negotiation – or not – of an investment or deal.

Maximising growth potential

Our established partner network has also seen a number of investors introduce software entrepreneurs to the IDS team. We’ve worked with everyone from seed funders to series A and B investors, for example, to provide fast-growth technology incubation and ongoing technical support to start-ups and SMEs.

We’ve worked with these investment teams to understand the engagement model that will best suit their business objectives and budgets, as they plan for scalable expansion.

"Whether you’re a business analyst at IDS, a UX lead or a security specialist, everything comes back to how to get the most from technology. So, we’ll think carefully about optimising user benefits and security robustness for example, as this also directly influences the value that can be realised from a commercial perspective. We therefore know what to look for in a product with vast growth potential as well as one that represents perhaps a surprising degree of hidden risk for an investor’"

Kseniya Papova
Operations Director