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IDS Group interviewed for ‘high growth’ white paper

Discussing the importance and impact of a strong brand strategy on improving market share, customer satisfaction and more, our CEO Nick Halliday contributes to The Engine Room’s recent Business Growth focused White Paper

No stranger to high growth business projects, IDS Group was recently invited to contribute to an industry white paper, which explores the role of brand within rapidly expanding organisations.

The premise of the authoritative study – launched by strategic brand consultancy The Engine Room – is that brand is about far more than just a logo. They believe it can prove a catalyst to achieving significantly higher revenues, market share, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, and more.

But keen to further explore the subject in greater detail, they spoke to a number of industry professionals, including creatives, investors, growth consultants and businesses who have themselves been on a pacy growth path.

“I work in the tech sector and I’ve seen great innovations come and go, because they have been ‘cool’ but have lacked substance.”


IDS Group’s CEO Nick Halliday was perhaps an obvious co-author, not least because as the founder of a tech accelerator programme, he has supported and invested in multiple SaaS companies as they’ve pursued ambitious scalability. So, he offered his expertise, experience and honest opinion, including what makes an attractive brand ripe for investment.

A complimentary copy of the resource can be accessed here.


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