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Meet the team with… our Head of Software Development Mikhail Shyshla

Our next member of the team in our Q&A series is Head of Software Development, Mikhail Shyshla. He loves to create new things and prides himself on his ability to manage the full development process lifecycle for our clients.


How did you first get into the world of tech?

My journey into the world of technology began with “Professor Fortran’s Encyclopedia” – a fascinating book which delves into the amazing world of computers and programming. 

Published in the early 90’s, for me, it was the equivalent of a ‘fairy-tale’ – a place in which it was possible to write a program for robots and force them to execute an algorithm for peeling potatoes!

Though more than 30 years have passed, I still realise how radically this particular book influenced my choice of profession. 

And, while I’ve since developed a huge number of applications for various areas, a robot for peeling potatoes, unfortunately, is not one of them.

And what was the biggest attraction for you?

For me, the main attraction is creating new things. 

Within our field, comparisons are often made between the IT industry and the construction industry – because, as architects create buildings, software architects create information systems.

At IDS, I have the opportunity to manage the full development process lifecycle, from system design to production and support – it doesn’t get much better than that!

What’s the one quality you need to thrive in this environment (especially at IDS)?

Curiosity. In my opinion, this is the quality that drives the evolution of humanity in general, and the world of technology in particular. It is the desire to learn and try something new that encourages people not to stand still, but to constantly move forward. 

IDS is always in trend, using proven cutting-edge technologies in our projects, so it’s always handy to remain interested in new developments within our industry and beyond. 

And what is the biggest challenge that the industry currently faces? OR What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

Cryptocurrencies. This is such a controversial technology at the moment, and one which seems to divide people into one of two camps.

The first believe that this is the future — a world without fiat money, where we instead rely upon a decentralised, independent network. Others, however, consider it to be the next financial pyramid, often referring to it as a ‘cryptocurrency bubble’ which will burst sooner or later.

What are the key things that make IDS stand out from the crowd?

Agility is just one of the qualities that enables IDS to implement cutting-edge solutions and collaborate so successfully with clients. 

We’re technology agnostic, which means that using gained experience in different business domains, IDS chooses the most appropriate products to cover our customers’ needs effectively and efficiently.

What is your favourite IDS project so far?

It has to be ManageMy, which is a project like a ‘swiss-knife’, with tools for every occasion. 

Features such as ‘dynamic forms’ and the ‘workflow engine’ allow users to configure their system to assimilate to a business partner’s exact processes, all without any custom development.

What do you get up to, away from work? 

My family. By spending as much of my free time with them as possible, I find that I get the maximum energy charge.

Thank you, Mikhail. Following on is our fabulous HR Manager, Darya Filon. Come back in September to find out how Darya looks after our team…


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