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If you delve deeper into what makes the IDS team tick, you’ll learn that we care a lot about making tech simpler, slicker and more secure. We know that if we get this right, the commercial opportunities for our clients to grow – at scale – are vast.

We’re also big on people – they’re the users of systems after all, so an outcome-focused approach is key.

Translate this into the world of software consultancy, and our fluency across a range of software, web and mobile technologies – including the most demanding programming languages – means we’re well positioned to advise on everything from security protocols to technical due diligence, system integration effectiveness, growth potential and more.

So, share your business drivers, and we’ll turn these into achievable system goals.

Our commercially-focused team is made up of some of the most capable, passionate and driven business analysts, technical infrastructure experts, security specialists and integration engineers, I’ve ever met. Together we work as digital transformation consultants who aim to simplify software strategies to minimise assumptions, reduce time wastage, prevent spend leakage and avoid mistakes. These could be a blocker to the growth our clients are looking for.

Because we work with so many clients long into the future too, we’re far more invested than a business consultant with a short-term brief. I think this puts a whole different perspective on the technical advice we provide – every decision made, every penny spent, is as though it’s our own.

Nick Halliday

Our approach to software consultancy

We’ve spent years fine-tuning our transformative approach to software consultancy, which has now grown to become relied upon by some of the UK’s most well-known brands. Clients have even utilised our strategic guidance to replicate performance improvements throughout other company departments, ranging from HR to finance, too!

But recognising the benefits that streamlined systems and processes can reap in organisations irrespective of size, our technical consultants have worked hard to implement this methodology in smaller businesses too – particularly those hungry for growth. Our input has even led to them securing series A and B investment.

Our accreditations

At IDS, standards matter. That’s why we have a large portfolio of accreditations – held by both the company and our team of progressive individuals – which independently certify what we’re capable of, together.