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Accelerator programme

We know we’re asking you to trust us with something extremely important to you. So, we need to explain how our tech accelerator programme works.

While no two projects are ever exactly the same, we’ve worked with a number of start-ups in sectors ranging from healthcare to construction, and finance to ecommerce. And we’ve identified that while nuances naturally exist from one brief to the next, there are many non-negotiable stages to progress through – each with their own processes, objectives and outputs – on the road to building a successful, scalable software business.

This is the key to what makes IDS different. There are many software development houses out there. But few offer expertise beyond the initial phase, which means the onward success of the product is wholly on you. We’re consultant-first solutions architects, passionate about both the immediate and long-term growth potential of your technology, whether you retain us as your ongoing technical partner or not.

We want to develop generation-defining technologies. So, we’re not looking for hundreds of new clients – or even dozens. Instead, we’re keen to put our industry-leading technical minds to great use, on start-up briefs that inspire, excite and challenge us.

Sometimes we get so involved we become a long-term invested resource in these organisations. On other occasions, we simply deliver everything the client needs to thrive before they continue on their growth trajectory. Either way, we’re ‘all in’. And there’s no other space we’d rather be.


Why IDS?

  • Proven track record
  • Passionate about purposeful technologies
  • Commercially savvy and results focused
  • Established incubation network
  • Highly certified nearshore software developers
  • Maximum security and quality assurances
  • Human – we enjoy the projects we embark on

"One of the reasons IDS stands out in such a congested space, is by providing an outsourced CTO and engineering service that feels like a true extension of an organisation’s technical team. This is beneficial for large, established enterprises, who need to validate or overhaul the robustness and scalability of their systems and integrations."

"But it’s also especially valuable for businesses in their more embryonic stages of growth. We’re not just talking about helping start-ups create their first MVPs – we’re talking about going into these businesses and empowering them with technology so that they become self-sustaining and rich in growth potential. This value-added partnership approach is an attractive proposition from the perspective of potential funders too, as investment risks are minimised."

Mike Dimelow

Core software technologies

Our product designers and software developers are experts in the most demanding programming languages, allowing for both technical innovation and efficient project outcomes.

In fact, when it comes to summarising our skill sets across our core web and mobile applications, frameworks, web services, desktop apps, search engines, data storage solutions, security systems and software products, the list is pretty extensive.

We talk the right language

We’re fluent across a range of innovative software, web and mobile technologies, and hold a raft of accreditations which demonstrate that systems security and quality assurance lies within our DNA. So, you know that – technically – your project is in safe hands. But we’re also human.

We’ve experienced the growing pains, know the milestones you’ll strive to hit and understand how to get you there. We’re personable too, knowing that it’s not just technical due diligence and a robust architecture that will take you through to scale up status – it’s strong communication too.

Meet the team…: