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Compliant, safe, secure.

Continually evolving data security legislation means compliance is big business. But our decades of combined system security expertise – including the knowledge of some of the industry’s most respected and accredited brains – stretch far beyond simply ticking a box for regulatory reasons.

Our rigorous approach to software security sees us analyse everything – including a client’s technology platform(s), related business processes and the practices adopted by their employees. This all-encompassing approach to risk analysis is the only way to truly understand the resilience of a system. Think of it as a comprehensive health check – from the inside out!

We’ve also developed our own Security Development Lifecycle (SDLC) model for the software development process, which sees us:

  • Capture security requirements
  • Plan security in advance
  • Ensure technologies are secure by design
  • Test early
  • Document everything.

Consequently, some of the briefs we’re handed are technically straightforward, whereas the challenging nature of others results in bleeding-edge solutions which drive unparalleled levels of product innovation and business growth with maximum respect for security considerations. Either way, this is our world. You can trust us to deliver.

Our overarching goal is to ensure customers’ get the most from their technology. And we acknowledge that long-term efficiency and business performance will always be hindered if software security is an afterthought. That’s why, at IDS, it’s always front and centre.

We support scale-ups with limited budgets and skill sets, which could include them completing penetration testing and beyond. Whether we build the platform as a bespoke solution provider or work on a consultancy basis, our eye never comes off the security ball. We’re also relied upon by multinational brands, whether they’re worried about the integrity of their products or are simply keen to look for holes.

Sergey Kuluga
Lead Systems Infrastructure Engineer

Our software security services

We offer a range of application and data integration services to provide our clients with the systems visibility and performance they need. Our expertise includes:

The system security expertise you require will depend on the maturity of your software product and the degree of security knowledge within your own business. However, our services include:

  • Designing software security roadmaps
  • Developing disaster recovery and business continuity strategies
  • Connecting all clients to our purpose-built Intrusion Detection System (Dhound), as standard, for utmost security transparency
  • Independent security reviews of existing technology platforms, processes and practices
  • Software security risk analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Support to achieve independent accreditations such as ISO27001, PCI DSS compliance etc.

Talk to us about the software security support you need – especially if you don’t know the exact answer to that question!

Independent system security assurances

It’s not a particular technology that matters to us – it’s our ability to apply it and integrate it with other systems and processes, to obtain the best ROI for our clients.

At IDS Group, standards matter. That’s why we have a large portfolio of accreditations – held by both the company and our team of progressive individuals – which independently certify what we’re capable of, together.

Did you know..?

All IDS services are delivered using secure and fully-encrypted channels, including our web portals and APIs.

We use open-source and publicly available protocols, applications and cryptographic algorithms including OpenSSL, OpenSSH, OpenVPN and GnuPG, and deploy the maximum level of encryption as standard to keep customers’ projects and data safe.

We also support hardware cryptographic devices for a higher level of assurance.