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60 seconds with…Operations Director, Kseniya Papova

How did you first get into the world of tech?

My university degree centres upon informatics and economics in IT, so I think I’ve long been destined for a career in tech. My first role in industry was as business development manager for an American IT firm, before I even graduated!

And what was the biggest attraction for you?

The tech sector is very dynamic and diverse, with lots of opportunities for personal and professional growth. When cutting edge technologies and creativity combine, it’s possible to create genuinely world-changing projects, and this opportunity – as well as IDS’s passion for backing innovations that make a difference – is incredibly fulfilling.

What’s the one quality you need to thrive in this environment (especially at IDS)?

You need to be hungry to continually develop, as the IT world never stands still. Our world changes rapidly, so you need to remain sharp and committed to ongoing learning, to keep up.

At IDS though, we take that one step further because we want to remain ahead of the game. We’re looking to offer the most efficient solutions to our clients, through technologies that work as hard as they possibly can. To do that, we need to be aware of global innovations in the tech world, with a shared appetite to break new ground.

And what is the biggest challenge that the industry currently faces?

The pace of change means our industry constantly needs fresh talent – sometimes before the talent pool even exists. This can make recruitment hard, which is why we put so much effort into rewarding and retaining our people. New job roles are emerging all the time and automation is driving many companies’ agendas. This means our training strategies must remain extremely agile, and skills like creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking matter more than ever.

What are the key things that make IDS stand out from the crowd?

Experience and expertise – we are a team of true professionals with excellent tech and business backgrounds. That’s why we’re not “task-makers”, but technical advisors. We will always find the best and most efficient way to support our clients to build, scale and grow their businesses.

Culture – we have a very strong cultural code in the company, built on authentic principles of ethics, honesty and responsibility, when working with both our clients and colleagues. We genuinely care about what we do, and I hope this shines through.

Flexibility – we’re open to any changes and improvements that will either make us better, or will make our clients happier. We always keep an eye on new trends and innovations, and are ready to adapt accordingly.

How has tech helped IDS overcome the challenges resulting from Covid-19?

One of the biggest challenges for software and system development companies, has been to maintain robust levels of team communication – this is what our industry relies upon. When we were forced to work remotely, at the beginning of the pandemic, we became frustrated with collaboration tools that we didn’t think were truly fit for purpose. So, we did what we know best – innovated to solve the problem, and ended up inventing our own piece of tech! (Watch this space for more information!)

Complete the sentences:

The piece of tech that has had the biggest impact in the world is…

Artificial intelligence.

The next purchase on my (personal) tech wishlist is…

A Robot Vacuum.

By the end of 2021, technology will have made businesses more…

Adaptable for remote hiring.

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