Technical Due Diligence

It’s one of the most crucial services we provide for software entrepreneurs and SaaS businesses at the earliest conceptual stage of a new idea, but our technical due diligence expertise is also called upon by more established firms concerned about security risks, sale or scale up obstacles and opportunities, as well as organisations preparing themselves for their next round of investment – not to mention the investors themselves!

In fact, venture capitalists, angel investors, debt funders and corporate finance houses are usually the most frequent users of this decision-critical service.

Reducing business risks

Technical due diligence sees our independently certified software experts carry out a thorough analysis of a product – whether we’re exploring an established system, technology or application, or an entrepreneurial platform in the earliest phase of its lifecycle.

Our results-driven approach allows us to identify any technical weaknesses, security vulnerabilities and wider business risks, before devising recommendations to overcome all these potential barriers to grow. Much like other areas of commercial due diligence it all comes down to risk mitigation. But you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

While the objectives vary from one project to the next, our primary goals usually centre around:

  • Identifying the scaling possibilities of a company’s product
  • Uncovering and minimising technical risks
  • Analysing technologies used versus the competitor landscape
  • Pinpointing and overcoming security flaws

The results of this consultancy exercise can prove the difference between an investment or acquisition deal being secured, renegotiated, or not pursued at all.

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Our multicultural business sees us blend a mathematical approach to technical engineering – a typical Belarusian trait – with a people, process and documentation focused approach, more common to the UK. The result is a truly innovative and strategic mindset that adds real value to client projects – to the point they’re almost futureproofed.

We’re known for building ultra-secure, user friendly platforms that scale and can withstand the traffic of 500k visitors per day, for instance. We don’t leave any stone unturned.

Kseniya Papova
Operation Director

Hand-picked technical talent

We’re able to conduct technical due diligence to the depth that we’re known for, because of the level of senior software expertise and experienced BA acumen within our team. In fact, our small, almost boutique-like hand-selected team is something we’re incredibly proud of…