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The project at-a-glance

  • SaaS-based web platform
  • Supports agile collaboration processes in an increasingly remote world
  • Integration of interactive templates and exercises allows for engaging meetings
  • Guided facilitation and AI-based advisor provides problem-solving advice throughout meetings
  • Team morale and mood monitoring techniques aid managers in identifying disengagement
  • Ice breaking exercises to warm up the team
  • Action points and timer function keeps meetings on track
  • JIRA compatible

The requirement

A move to remote working left the IDS team without a software solution which ticked all the boxes and kept people adequately engaged, energised and productive.

The firm wanted an all-in-one platform that minimised the need for multiple programmes, streamlining and simplifying the experience of collaborative working. The vision, therefore, was to create a tool which allowed for seamless integration with existing systems.

Accessible via a range of devices including tablets and smartphones, the technology should be easy-to-use and available to colleagues anywhere, so that individuals could keep-in-touch while on the move.

The goal was to introduce a solution that would address the challenges experienced by the team during their transition to homeworking. Requirements included a tool that was dynamic, and which would lead to constructive and efficient meetings – complemented by follow up activities to progress and effectively ‘wrap up’ projects.


“The majority of collaboration tools were conceived prior to the mass move to remote working and simply weren’t designed to cater for the requirements of a fully home-based team, each with varying needs and degrees of tech knowledge.

“To the benefit of our projects, service excellence, and the camaraderie and wellbeing of our team, we utilised all of our technical flair to bring a fresh approach to collaborative work – and one which will continue to revolutionise the way our business functions for years to come.”

Alexandra Melnikava
Project Manager/Scrum Master, IDS Group

Our solution

The team used the challenges experienced during the transition to homeworking, to build a programme which adequately addressed the need for increased collaboration.

Boasting a host of interactive templates suitable for everything from retrospectives and stand-ups to planning and problem-solving sessions, the system minimises preparation time and offers a varied and dynamic experience for meeting attendees.

Ice-breaker exercises encourage individuals to become engaged with discussions, while a roulette helps to navigate the lack of body language and talk cues, ensuring that ideas can be shared between groups effectively.

The ability to easily set targets and monitor progress increases focus and productivity, making collaboration possible, on any device, regardless of location.

A timer and guided facilitation functions including brainstorming, voting, grouping, and discussion sequences keeps conversations on track, with action points aiding the visibility and timely progression of projects.

The results

Closely replicating the interactivity experienced with face-to-face discussion, Timbo has revolutionised IDS’ ability to work remotely — with the team now able to adopt a permanent ‘hybrid’ approach to the workplace.

Offering the ability to keep everyone involved regardless of location, users can collaborate ‘live’ on the shared board. Just like in ‘real life’, team members can add their thoughts, answer questions and vote on important topics, adding action points as they go.

The technology has proved so effective that the team now automatically conducts all meetings online, offering equal opportunity for all colleagues to take part. With exercises created to be interactive and fun in nature, each person is made to feel as though they are present at an informal team event, or friendly face-to-face chat, rather than always taking the form of a serious business meeting.

Available on multiple devices, employees can access the technology while on the move, increasing communication and efficiency.

Its effectiveness has seen the product released publicly, with organisations including Accenture and NHS Digital adopting it as a chosen tool.

3,000+ users

Trialled Timbo in the first year following beta-release.

5,000 meetings

Held using Timbo during its first year after beta-release

20+ exercises

Available to users.