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Why is custom development best for your business

Published: 13 December 2021

When it comes to choosing between custom development and the implementation of ‘off-the-shelf’ products, many businesses prioritise speed and price. And for some, this makes perfect sense. Whereas for others, this approach is short-sighted and will prove more costly — both in terms of time and finance — in the long-term.


Mikhail Shyshla, our head of software development, explains further:

In well-established domains such as retail, the market is already saturated with tried and tested technologies which serve this sector well. Typically, as a result, very few innovations emerge as there is simply little market need. 

Utilising well known products with all of the required functionality already in-built is, in this case, a wise choice. After all, it would be wasteful to invest in the creation of a solution that does not adequately differentiate itself from what is currently available in the marketplace. 

However, for organisations entering an emerging market, where there is a more complex business logic, or constantly changing requirements at play, this is where custom development is key. Disruptive companies, by their very nature, are changing the face of what is possible within their industries – and, therefore, it’s unsurprising that fit-for-purpose technologies don’t co-exist.

In building a bespoke product, organisations can benefit from technology which is purposefully engineered to satisfy their business needs — resulting in an infrastructure which enhances their brand to customers, while aiding productivity within the team. 

And though solutions are often built ‘from scratch’, they are frequently underpinned by ready-made frameworks, procedures and libraries which combine to create something unique, but with the added benefit of being designed and developed at a more rapid pace. 

Another advantage of custom software is its scalability. With pre-development insight about where a company is heading in terms of growth, our systems architects and technology specialists can build a product with upscaling capabilities — which will expand alongside a business.

At IDS Group, we have created countless solutions for organisations, in sectors ranging from healthcare to rail, education to finance, and a whole host of industries in between. One example of a project which exemplifies the use of a combination of existing and customised elements is our work alongside WashDoctors — a service-based booking platform. 

The company required a rebuild of its existing software, to allow its network of independent valeters and specialist detailers to confirm appointments with end-users via desktop and mobile applications. 

In addition to overhauling the existing system, IDS Group created a brand new, bespoke, white-label cloud-based solution, AutoMate, which allowed for the sharing of third-party data to be integrated into the updated booking tool. 

Ultimately, each project is different and requires its own unique approach. At IDS Group, we assess every enquiry individually in order to provide the most suitable recommendations. Whether that’s recommending existing products, suggesting a combination of current and custom solutions, or embarking upon an entirely bespoke design — our team of software development and systems integration experts can help you to navigate the process. 

To discuss a project with the team, and to assess whether a custom-built technology would be best for your business, contact or call 0113 859 1669


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