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Meet the team with…Business Analyst , Valentina Petrashkevich

Find out why seeing the difference technology can make to businesses and their teams was the catalyst for our Business Analyst, Valentina Petrashkevich’s career in tech…

How did you first get into the world of tech?

While working at an insurance company, I was invited to consult on the creation of a new software platform for our organisation. This involved liaising with the team to understand their requirements, and then collaborating with external developers and internal stakeholders to bring this vision to life. 

I came to realise just how important software development is — even for non-tech industries — and saw the impact that effective solutions can have on a business’ overall efficiency. Witnessing this new platform pass the testing stage and eventually be brought to market was all the inspiration I needed to pursue IT as a career.

And what was the biggest attraction for you?

The fact that the correct IT products can make such a difference to the way businesses and their teams work. Identifying great value solutions that make life easier for all, is incredibly rewarding. 

What’s the one quality you need to thrive in this environment (especially at IDS)?

There are so many qualities that I could list! But to name just one, I would say ‘flexibility’. As a team, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve and quickly meet the changing needs of the business — agility is absolutely essential in our line of work!

And what is the biggest challenge that the industry currently faces? OR What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

For me as a business analyst, the biggest challenge at the moment is balancing remote work with being in the office part-time. We’ve needed to adopt new ways to communicate effectively, so that all members of the team are happy, motivated and productive within their roles — regardless of where they are working. 

What are the key things that make IDS stand out from the crowd?

IDS has an exceptionally talented team. We each have expertise in different types of projects and technologies and can therefore consult on a broad range of business requirements. Not only do we work with larger, more established companies — we can also advise start-ups about the technologies and approaches needed to help turn their ideas into a technical solution. 

What is your favourite IDS project so far?

It has to be Wash Doctors. This project presented such a fantastic opportunity to touch upon a new way of business, and one that will prove revolutionary for the car wash market on a worldwide scale. 

What do you get up to, away from work?

My passion is travelling, and I absolutely love to explore! Whether in my own country or further afield — with each journey I take, I feel I’m creating another important little chapter in my life. So far, this has seen me visit about 30 European countries and I hope to venture to many more.

But for me it isn’t just about taking a holiday. Working in a fast-moving industry like IT, it’s important to continuously develop both personally and professionally. Attending industry events helps me to keep on top of new developments within the tech space too. 

Thank you, Valentina. Up next, is IDS Group’s Darya Fiton, our HR Manager

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