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Nick Halliday

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in digital businesses worldwide, Nick has a proven track record of delivering strategic software solutions that provide a competitive edge.

He understands the difficulties that prevent technical visions ever getting off the ground, the growing pains that come with SaaS business growth, and the downfalls of poorly-executed integration projects that jeopardise long-term system delivery or, worse still, compliance.

So, having spent his professional career solving customer problems through the power of technology, he founded IDS to create an invested resource of world-class technical experts, who relish the opportunity to bring software projects to life and sustain their ongoing success.

Equally as determined to ensure IDS would never become another faceless tech firm, he has worked hard to foster a distinct culture enriched with personality and committed to collaboration. He is as passionate about our own company as he is our clients’, and the authentic values upon which he founded the business, have become core to our current proposition.