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What Is Penetration Testing and Why Does It Matter in 2023?

Published: 2 March 2023

Cyber security is under more pressure than ever with the rapid development of our digital world. With that, penetration testing is one of the most efficient ways to track online safety, becoming a vital tool in the analysis of IT security.

With authorised, simulated attacks on computer systems, penetration tests allow us to evaluate the administration's reliability, providing peace of mind that your security software is operational in our cyber threat landscape.


What Is Penetration Testing?

The National Cyber Security Centre defined penetration testing as “a method for gaining assurance in the security of an IT system by attempting to breach some or all of that system’s security”.

The pen test is performed using the same tools that attackers would use to find weaknesses in computer systems. During the test, ethical hackers will focus on identifying vulnerabilities and advise businesses on how to fix them.

At IDS Group, our penetration tests are performed 80% manually and 20% with automated tools, allowing us to generate accurate, dependable results.

Why Conduct Penetration Testing?

Pen tests reduce the risk of sensitive data being leaked or exploited by hackers. By averting threats, businesses can maintain their reputation whilst avoiding financial losses.

Penetration testing also helps companies to meet cyber security assessment obligations required by most compliance organisations.

How Do IDS Group Eliminate False Positives? 

Our pen test initiates an attack on applications using the same techniques and knowledge as real hackers. All outputs from vulnerability scanners are analysed manually, helping to avoid any possible false positives.

We also offer the opportunity to discuss your test results with a team member, clarifying the final report and yielding effective, data-driven results.

To discover how our cyber security experts can help you with penetration testing, contact IDS Group today!


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