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The project at-a-glance

  • WebRTC-powered instant video activated by SMS
  • Enables encrypted, recordable video calls on any device
  • Designed to facilitate inclusive video comms irrespective of digital literacy
  • Tech stack: WebRTC, ASP.NET Core 2.2, Kurento, OpenVidu
  • IDS appointed as invested technical partner
  • Multiple use cases realised, particularly in healthcare sector

The requirement

When SaaS entrepreneur Tim Mercer had an idea for an instant video solution, powered by a free SMS, he turned to the IDS technology incubation programme to take the innovation from concept to reality.

Aware of the obstacles preventing people from engaging with video – given his role as CEO of Vapour Cloud – he was clear on the need to develop an effortlessly simple product, that would power secure, encrypted and recordable video calls with utmost ease.

The brief was to create a robust platform that powers instant video calls, anywhere, on any device, and irrespective of the user’s technical literacy.

The onward direction of the product roadmap was also clear from day one. Familiar with the resource and financial pressures increasingly burdening the healthcare sector, a key proposition for the video calling solution was the ability to facilitate confidential calls between patient and their trusted healthcare professional, for free.


"What began as a concept inspired by my mother who’d struggled to travel to a physical GP appointment, soon gathered pace thanks to the technical proficiency and passion of the IDS team. Via their technology acceleration programme, they quickly brought the vision to life, delivering not just the instant video platform itself, but the secure architecture to evolve and integrate the product as market opportunities arose.”

"As an invested resource, their expertise and contacts – not least within the healthcare sector – have also proven invaluable in taking the product from prototype, to pilot project, to fully functioning solution.”

Tim Mercer
Founder, Gaze

Our solution

Enthused by the purpose of the proposed technology, our nearshore software development specialists soon became as passionate about this video calling concept as the founder himself.

Working in close collaboration with Tim Mercer, IDS designed and built the cloud-based instant video solution – Gaze – underpinned by WebRTC technology.

The USP of the resulting product is the ability to initiate a secure video call with a simple click, without the need for any app downloads or registration process. The innovation soon proved of interest to healthcare institutions, pharmacies, the education sector, insurance brands, and more.

The results

With business-grade functionality, Gaze is designed with UX simplicity in mind, but is underpinned by all the media-rich features even the most highly-regulated organisations need, including the ability to securely store recorded calls in an encrypted vault for audit purposes.

Free to the end user, the technology is procured by a ‘tenant’ such as a GP surgery or vet who invests in a licence to utilise the system. These tenants can then organise appointments, invite external attendees to the video calls via SMS, and manage the encrypted recordings, all from within the Gaze platform.

Built with multi-tenants in mind, Gaze now powers innovations such as TeleDoc – the brainchild of Vapour Cloud and multiple other consultation-centric services relating to physical and mental wellbeing.

100% browser-based solution

instant video features can be accessed, irrespective of the device

Seamless access

No downloads, apps or logins required