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The project at-a-glance

  • Strategic technical partner alongside Nunwood Consultancy
  • Integration of global enterprise systems
  • Development of cloud based data sharing centre
  • Brief covered design, usability and technical performance
  • Maintenance and optimisation contract

The requirement

Vodafone RIO is a web-based data sharing platform empowering colleagues to access and share important documents.

Acknowledging the potential to drive greater employee engagement and usability with the knowledge centre – at the same time as strengthening the security of the digital asset management software – the telecommunications giant enlisted the technical expertise of IDS.


Our solution

As is the case with all IDS projects, our outcome-focused approach to this brief saw us evaluate all facets of Vodafone’s knowledge sharing platform, ranging from the software’s current design and staff engagement levels, through to a technical audit of the system including its underlying functionality, security resilience and performance bandwidth.

Through this user-centred audit, we identified routes for both minor improvements that would deliver marginal gains, as well as more significant software development opportunities that would fundamentally supercharge the UX, speed and robustness of the technology.

The results

In bringing the digital asset management software up to date, we were able to create a slicker, more secure and user-friendly platform which has allowed Vodafone colleagues to work far smarter.

Technical outcomes included a fresh look and feel, replacement search engine with enhanced performance, the ability to upload external content and related materials to accompany reports, and improvements to the statistics module to better evaluate user engagement.

Anti-forgery validation

added for increased security

File versioning

for improved document management