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The project at-a-glance

  • IDS technology accelerator  success story
  • Saas-based digital evidence platform / progressive assurance software
  • Connects project design, planning, scheduling, delivery and close-down, in one central, cloud-based data platform
  • Integrates key project management tools including Oracle’s Primavera P3, 3D REPO and PowerProject
  • Enables any programme of works to be configured in seconds
  • Industry standard PowerBI reporting outputs and enterprise connections with Common Data Environments
  • Tech stack: .NET core, ASP.NET core, WCF services, Angular, HTML5, CSS, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, PostGre SQL, Xamarin for mobile application

The requirement

The founders of eviFile approached IDS at the beginning of their technology journey to visualise and bring a bold software ambition to life.

The vision was to develop a digital works management platform that could be deployed across multiple business sectors, to create an evidence-based standard for collecting field-based data, scheduling work and managing tasks.

Accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices – with all data securely managed – the technology would have to be flexible for maximum configuration, compliance and visibility, relevant to any given client’s business environment.

The goal was to eliminate unreliable paper trails while overcoming the authenticity and security concerns typically associated with the collection, storage and management of digital files such as video footage, photographs and GPS tracks.

With tampering a long-standing problem in industry, this platform – if built and marketed correctly – would have the potential to provide absolute data proof (a single truth) which would reduce friction, dispute and cost.

Companies working with eviFile include


"We’re very driven to improve the visibility of the health of our projects and believe eviFile is the tool to do it. We now have a much more efficient, accurate and secure way of reporting on the progress of construction against our delivery schedule and on key issues like environment, quality, and health and safety.”

William Eyre
Head of Construction Services, United Utilities

Our solution

Using a sophisticated tech stack – designed with usability, security and scalability in mind – we built out the product from concept to a fully-functioning digital evidence platform, which quickly caught the attention of some of the construction sector’s biggest names.

Completely configurable, the platform can be rapidly customised and deployed to meet exact programme requirements. Used to manage field assets, track inspection routes and provide proof of remotely conducted events, the digital evidence platform delivers unquestionable authenticity, visibility, flexibility and compliance.

As requested, the platform is accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices, with offline mode available for operators with poor connectivity in the field. The secure management of data is assured from end-to-end, and a multitenant architecture allows several clients to work on the same solution.

Use cases:

  • Construction site risk assessments and quality assurance audits
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Workflow monitoring and planning for effective resource allocation
  • Planned maintenance schedules and reports
  • Customer quotes and invoice creation
  • Security inspection routes and logs

The results

The benefits of digitally signed assets are vast. With every entry date, time and location stamped, the data acts as legal evidence of the works being carried out. eviFile is therefore commonly used within post-construction dispute resolution, which can save a vast amount of time, money and relationship damage. Better still, these disputes can be prevented in the first place through increased data transparency.

Beyond this immediate digital evidence gain, clients can also benefit from enhanced safety and environmental performance, robust audit trails and improved colleague confidence, throughout a business. Integrations with other construction project management tools provides the ability for eviFile to cover the entire works management process, from early schedule planning to the delivery of handover reports.

At all times, the ‘golden thread’ of information is protected from common attacks and exceptionally high security levels have been approved by CREST certification.

IDS remains an invested resource in eviFile, with our CEO Nick Halliday a co-founder of the business.

Increased efficiency

Enables any programme of works to be configured in seconds

60% more effective

in post-construction incident management

100k paper documents

replaced with secure digital twin evidence

Cross functional design

Designer, construction manager, surveyor and end client