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The project at-a-glance

  • Long term technical partner to ManageMy
  • Creation of an innovative white labelled insurance customer engagement platform
  • Multichannel platform enables swift digitisation of customer journeys and product deployment
  • 50,000+ hours of design and development
  • Scalable ecosystem platform allowing for rapid future development

The requirement

When fast-growing InsurTech 100 company and leading customer engagement software provider – ManageMy – needed to rapidly augment the capability of its existing digital platform to meet the needs of COVID-affected insurance clients, they immediately realised the benefit of their strategic partnership with IDS.

IDS was quickly able to create a new platform design to enhance an already successful dynamic white labelled offering to brokers and insurers. Particular consideration was needed  to allow for future upscaling capabilities, whilst facilitating a seamless transition from one client to the next to present a fully own branded proposition to the end-user.

A secure, robust, and flexible architecture was required to build a system that could manage the entire process and customer journey, from initial contact to sales and the handling of policies, as well as catering for a complex onboarding and quotation service covering all sectors.

ManageMy clients also needed the facility to produce and access reports and audit logs, whilst maintaining levels of differing permissions and allowing for the creation of tailored insurance campaigns across international businesses.


Our experience of working with IDS has been a wholly positive one. They have demonstrated a thorough understanding of our business and clients’ requirements, and given us the confidence of being adept in delivering at every stage of the project.”

Gino Maccio
Chief Financial Officer, ManageMy

Our solution

Taking an innovative technology approach, we initially carried out a full audit of the existing software and systems, before redesigning a wholly original and highly configurable application to fit the business needs based upon multiple partner specifications.

Working in partnership with ManageMy, our knowledge and research of the market was used to create a user-focused platform that allowed for true customisation of ManageMy’s software as a service (SaaS) offering.

Scoping out the initial requirements to support the customers’ multi-faceted requirements — whilst maintaining an intuitive user functionality — remained a key factor in the development of the project.

The results

Using cutting-edge technology, IDS and ManageMy were able to streamline the internal processes and reduce administrative hours tied into manually updating and customising programmes for each individual client. A new vastly adaptive software offering now allows for future upscaling and expansion into further international territories.

The ManageMy team is now active in the market, deploying the upgraded digital platform across multiple clients with the confidence of delivering a secure, cloud-based back-up. A full API suite with simple integrations align easily with existing applications and processes, with speedy, flexible branding capabilities — enabling them to compete against the market leaders and outperform their peers.

The 2.0 platform has allowed for greater flexibility on the overall project budget, creating a variable cost base for the longer-term development plans and transfer of resource as required to ensure that budgets remain on track.

Since commencing the strategic partnership in April 2018, IDS remains an invested technical partner as part of its accelerator programme.

50,000+ development hours

in less than 2 years to create a highly scalable enterprise platform

Out of the box highly configurable platform

that allows for upscaling and complex integration

£1.5m in private funding in the past 18 months

IDS invested supportive approach has helped ManangeMy become one of the most successfully funded insurtech businesses of the past two years